5 Advantages of using website monitoring services

Website monitoring is the process of running automated tests to detect and prevent website issues from impacting your customers.

Monitoring services ensure availability, performance and the overall health of your website is running as expected. When our monitoring service detects an issue we send alerts via email and/or text messages to you and your staff.

Monitoring your website used to be a complicated process, but not anymore. We created a simple to use monitoring service for both technical and non-technical people. There's no software to install and no training required.

5 advantages of using website monitoring service

1. Preventing lost sales or leads

When you have your website monitored, you will know immediately when issues impact your customers and ultimately your online brand.

You and your staff will get an email or SMS alerts that allow you to take control of the situation, even if you can't get your website back online right away. You can show your customers that you are aware of the problem and are working to solve it.

You can quickly pause your online campaigns. Don't waste your online marketing budget when your website is having issues. The worst thing is paying per click to have a customer go to a page that is broken or doesn't load properly.

You can also release statements on your social media accounts that you are working to resolve the problem. Provide your customers with updates as to when the site will be back online.

2. Resolve Issue faster with team communication

You might not be the person to resolve the problem, maybe you hired a company or have a staff member responsible for handling website issues, but as the business owner or manager you should be aware of when issues happen and when they get resolved.

Our monitoring services will send notifications to you and your staff, so everyone is aware of the issue.

Website issues get resolved faster when the boss and the staff are all on the same page.

3. Prevent your search engine score/ranking from going down

Search engines such as Google favors websites that provide the best possible experience for their users.

An unresponsive website can be the determining factor of your business showing up on the first page of Google or being pushed down to the second or third page.

A decline in your SEO ranking can quickly impact your bottom line as fewer people see your business in search results and ultimately leading to reduced traffic, sales and leads.

4. Gain valuable insights into your website

Never lose track of when issues happen and how often.

Using a monitoring service to keep an eye on your website produces a ton of valuable data.

We record every incident and how it gets resolved for up to 2 years so you can track when issues happen and when they get resolved.

You will have statistics about your site's uptime, loading speed, broken images, when pages have changed and more.

5. Monitoring services detect issues and help you prevent future downtime

Every monitoring service will check for uptime (site availability) and performance. At we additionally monitor for content changes, broken images, domain and SSL expiration dates plus much more.

Detect suspicious activity - You and your staff will know when pages have been changed.

Monitor domain settings - Get alerted if your domain settings have changed and reminders to renew your domain name before it expires.

Get alerts if your domain is about to expire - Never lose your domain name because someone on your team forgot to renew the registration, we alert you when your domain gets close to the expiration date (6 months or sooner).

Check for SSL certificate issues - Get alerts before your SSL certificate expires to help you prevent downtime.


A website monitoring service is like an insurance policy for your online brand. Being unaware that your website is down can negatively impact your marketing budget, sales, and leads. So a web monitoring service is an excellent way to protect your online reputation.