Why Your Business Should use Content Monitoring

Content change monitoring is a powerful monitoring service that checks and notifies you and your staff when important pages on your website change.

The are several advantages of using content change monitoring that your business will benefit from.

The first reason is because of security

You hear stories all the time about businesses getting hacked. Hackers can deface webpages or infect your website with viruses that impact your customers. Our detection services alerts you and your team when changes are detected.

You can view the changes and quickly take action if you see any suspicious activity.

The second benefit is transparency

You'll know when people on your team edit, add or modify content on your webpage. You can view before and after screenshots and get detailed information about the changes made. This helps to ensure that everyone on your team is on the same page.

The third benefit is history tracking and reporting

We record up to two years of content change history so you can view detailed reports that show how often and what changes were made.

This can be a huge advantage when troubleshooting website issues. For example, if your online customers are experiencing issues, you can quickly view recent changes to help you determine the root cause of the problem.


The best part is it's included with every plan. Every link we monitor includes content change detection with two years of history tracking.